Big Star: Words to Read

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  • Alex Chilton interview from The Idler
  • Interview with the Posies
  • Concert review from Furious Green Thoughts
  • Big Star With An Adoring Fanclub (Article from the Glasgow Herald
  • January 1996 Discoveries article
  • Review of Alex Chilton's A Man Called Destruction
  • 1970 review from Q magazine
  • Review of recent New York City Show Article from The Commercial Appeal (01/27/96)
  • Article from The Commercial Appeal (02/08/96)
  • Chilton review from Addicted to Noise
  • An Interview With Jody Stephens from the Madison Badger-Herlad
  • Alex Chilton Interview from an Australian Paper
  • Info on the Beale St. Green bootleg

    Tribute Info:

  • Information about the upcoming (Ardent) tribute album
  • Information about the upcoming (Copper Tribute) tribute album
  • Info about "The Ballad of El Goodo" on the tribute album
  • Commercial Appeal article on the upcoming Big Star Tribute album

  • Liner notes to:

  • #1 Record/Radio City
  • Third/Sister Lovers
  • I Am the Cosmos
  • Columbia
  • Live

  • Lyrics to:

  • #1 Record
  • Radio City
  • Third/Sister Lovers
  • I Am the Cosmos

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