Imperial Drag Imperial Drag

Imperial Drag is:

dover Eric Dover: Guitar, Lead Vocals
manning Roger Joseph Manning, Jr: Keyboard, Vocals
karnes Joseph Karnes: Bass
skodis Eric Skodis: Drums

Their eponymous debut album was released May 7, 1996 on the Work Label, with the first single, "Boy or a Girl" released to rock and alternative radio on April 23.

A video for "Boy or a Girl" was filmed with the English production team GOB-TV.

Imperial Drag - Imperial Drag

The Songs:

Zodiac Sign
Boy or a Girl
The Man in the Moon
"Breakfast" By Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye)
Playboy After Dark
Overnight Sensation
The Salvation Army Band
Stare into the Sun
Scaredy Cats and Egomaniacs
Down With the Man [Hidden Track]

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